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Celebrating Climate Week Qld, Arts Nexus hosts a creative conversation with Architects, Tiny House designers and builders, cultural leaders and artivists will consider the various creative responses to climate challenges. Innovative designs to reduce our footprint and find ways to living with our environment.

Joining us is Shaneen Fantin from People Oriented Design will discuss their range of work in architecture, landscape, community engagement and research. To enable more sustainable housing outcomes in Australia we have a public education workshop called “The Least House Necessary”.  Melinda Norris and Peter Butler from TinyPlans Helping Hands talk to us about creating the first ever Tropically designed Tiny House.  Michelle Torrens from Junk Weavers Inc. talk to us about the craft of weaving from recycled packaging.   Hosted by ArtiVist, Velvet Eldred who has a long history with the Knitting Nannas and a strong commitment to sustainable living with a low footprint.  In partnership with Qld Water and Land Carers and Climate Week Qld

Prof. Judith McLean will share insights on what the creative practice of festivals is and the place events have in our community. We will discuss current issues that affect the festival sector and what we want for the future of festivals and events in Australia. Consider what role the creative community play in the production of these events and the content we provide to animate the civic gatherings.

Professor Judith McLean is the Chair of the Events Committee for Tourism and Events QLD, the Chair for Arts Education (QUT/QPAC) and Scholar-in-Residence (QPAC), a joint appointment between QPAC and QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty.

Michael Healy MP welcome to Judith McLean
Arts Nexus hosts a series of creative conversations exploring themes that impact on arts, culture and creative industries.

Michael Healy Cairns Member for Parliament, took the opportunity to say hello to his long time friend, Prof. Judith McLean. With extensive experience in the performing arts, events and education areas working as an educator, director, executive coach and company director, Judith will share insights on what the creative practice of festivals is and the place events have in our community.

Jenuarrie: In conversation

27 November 2017

Jenuarrie is well known in Australia for her active involvement and leadership in indigenous art production, presentation and promotions in urban, regional & remote Queensland. She has represented Australia’s Indigenous Artists on behalf of the Australia Council in New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Denmark, England, and New Caledonia and Samoa for Arts Queensland also working throughout FNQ, the Gulf and Torres Straits.

As an artist, her exhibition work has been acquired by many major arts galleries throughout Australia and in collections of private institutions and investors around the globe. Jenuarrie was awarded an Australia Council grant to write about her experience as a ceramicist for over 30 years. Images of some of her works of art are currently illuminating the Sydney Opera House in the spectacular light projection, Badu Gili.

Currently the President of Arts Nexus, she is a strong and passionate advocate for community, creative arts, industry and workplace development. Join Arts Nexus for a conversation with Jenuarrie about her work and ‘the business of art’ – an inspirational artist and cultural leader.

Toolbox Training Series Facilitated by Elijah Ibell
May 22, 2018
Expand your business toolkit. Industry specialists lead dynamic training sessions with the aim of learning practical skills and whetting your appetite for the business side of your practice.

Communicating effectively with your web developer is crucial to the success of your website project. If you are ready to begin your journey into the online realm of business, this course will equip you with the basic communication skills required to speak with web developers. Communication with established web development firms usually consists of a system of strong documentation, which sets the pace for the project. Learning to navigate this documentation will allow you to speed up the publishing process of your website.

Elijah Ibell has spent a long time self-educating himself with online resources, before deciding to complete a course of study at CQUniversity. Information Technology is his passion, and sees it as a bridge to the future. His web development company.

 Too Good To Be True
15 December 2017
Alteouise de Vaughn & Jack Heywood: In conversation

Dedicated to the memory and legacy Mr. Jack Heywood etched into our history.  Thank you for the memories Jack.  R.I.P.

Jack Heywood settled in Port Douglas 14 years ago after a long career as a professional actor. Writing, directing and designing shows for the Clink Theatre, Jace has become a local celebrity.  We have all enjoyed classics like ‘Jemmy Green in Australia’, ‘The Sins of Ellen Thomson’, ‘Too Good to be True’, ‘Max and Diana of the Nautilus’, ‘The Amalgamation Play’ and ‘And the Big Men Fly’.  Jack directed ‘Mano Nera’ and ‘ART’, and has just finished writing ‘The Great Bally Hooley Escape’.

Altouise DeVaughn was educated at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York and the famed Julliard School Music.  She made her debut in 1982 with the Opera Theatre of St. Louis, in the leading role of ‘Orfeo’ in ‘Gluck’s Orfeo et Euridice’. Her performances were applauded with standing ovations.  Wide acclaim followed, leading to a career, initially in italy, which took her all over the world.  In 2007, Alteouise met her now husband, Idris Alkamraikhi, and moved to Australia.  She volunteers as the musical director of the Clink Theatre.

“Synergy” with guest speakers: Charles Wiles and Ray Elias
Friday 10 February 2017
Elixir Tapas Bar, 92 Abbott Street, Cairns, QLD.

This month’s conversations takes us on a journey of discovery – dynamic backstories, interesting business cases and stories of synergy: (n) the interaction, cooperation or collaboration of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Ray Elias is a passionate and radical visionary. He’s had several incarnations including maverick TAFE teacher, community development worker, musician and artist advocate and now web entrepreneur. Ray is the backbone and co-founder of Entertainment Cairns and is currently harnessing the power of synergy to go national with this gig guide with a lot of smarts.

Charles Wiles is proud of a career of service to the performing arts. As a lighting designer and production manager for over 15 years he now works in the guise of Venue Manager at CoCA (next door) and has let in the rabble – he has opened the doors of the venue to community and professional artists and groups, believing fully in the benefits of synergy.