RASN – Cape York and Torres Strait Islands

The identified priorities for the Cape York and Torres Strait Islands RASN region are:

  • Cultural Tourism
  • Indigenous and youth engagement
  • Collaboration and communication to improve resource sharing and efficiencies

Current projects being coordinated by Waratah;

Cape York and Torres Strait Islands Arts Showcase Program as part of the Cooktown and Cape York Expo 2021 program.  Musicians, bands, contemporary and traditional dancers, comedians and visual creative artists will be showcasing their unique talents and culture during the Reconciliation Rocks Festival and ‘Ngutha Ngutha, Back in Time Showcase Village’ throughout the first weekend of the Cooktown and Cape York Expo 2021, 10-13th June 2021.

This program will offer 40 artists’ professional development opportunities through workshops, exhibitions and performance:

All successful artists will attend workshops on:

  • Arts business
  • Pitching
  • Skills development

‘Gateway to the Cape Sculpture Park’

Gateway to the Cape is a unique attraction that entices travellers and tourists passing by, to stop and view the information displayed, taking time to understand a little about the beauty and distinctiveness of Cape York Peninsula.

Educational displays and artwork throughout the park informs and encourages responsible behaviour as people travel through Cape York. The purpose-designed shelter houses static displays with practical information for travellers at the beginning of their Cape York journey.

Gateway to the Cape Sculpture Park’, represents the communities and eco-regions of Cape York Peninsula with the site mapped in the shape of Cape York. Pathways have been constructed to represent the roads.

Now we are ready to develop the public art to be installed at the site of the communities and towns. All designs will be developed in consultation with each community and RASN will work with local community artists to fabricate the sculptures.

Art On Line LIVE

This project was built around the new challenges that COVID 19 has presented to us. By presenting the opportunity to develop skills and create art while living in isolation gave people meaningful activity and produced a body of new works that is helping the local arts industry recover since this challenge passed. The works from this project were showcased at an exhibition in Cooktown in October ‘Behind Closed Doors’ are many are now on sale in local galleries and craft shops

Waratah Nicholls | Regional Arts Officer | Cape York & Torres Strait Region | Regional Arts Services Network | Community, Economy and Innovation | based with Cook Shire Council | part of Arts Nexus team

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