Qld State Elections 2017

2017 Queensland State election outcomes for our region

To save you the challenge of looking for information, Arts Nexus has compiled the following information provided by each sitting member and the parties they represent.  We congratulate all candidates that put their hat in the ring.  Putting yourself forward for a political position to represent your community, is a very admirable thing and a great achievement to come through the other end.

Arts Nexus is a member of the Queensland Chamber of Arts&Culture who composed a media release that challenged all candidates to “advocate for a Level Playing Field for Queensland Artists”.  + here

Arts Nexus Inc. is an apolitical organisation working with a non-partisan approach. All views and opinions adopted by Arts Nexus are reflections of the opinions of our extensive and representative membership across Far North Queensland region.



Michael Healy MP (Cairns)


Cynthi Lui MP (Cook)


Leeanne Enoch (Algester)
Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts



Since its election, and over the forward estimates, the Palaszczuk Government has restored $174.2 million to support the arts in Queensland.  Regional and Indigenous arts and culture is a priority of the Palaszczuk Government, which is delivering in the following ways:

  • $6.5 million over four years in regional and indigenous arts initiatives across Queensland. Rolling out in 2018, this will employ regionally-based arts officers, and provide increased connection between communities and arts experiences. A new funding stream will be created under the Queensland Arts Showcase Program (QASP) to drive arts and cultural experiences based on local demand.
  • $2.1 million in 2017/18 to support the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performing artists and companies in Cairns to enable these artists to showcase their unique cultural heritage and local stories. Investment will support the creation and development of new works, build business and artistic capacity, and provide professional development and mentoring.
  • $500 000 over two years available to support facility upgrades at the 14 Indigenous Art Centres supported by Queensland’s Backing Indigenous Arts initiative capped at $50 000 each. These will increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists’ capacity to create and sell work, and provide a boost to the centres’ role in community life.
  • $15 million to support construction of the new Cairns Performing Arts Centre.
  • $17.5 million Arts Infrastructure Investment Fund to upgrade state-owned arts and cultural facilities. This includes the refurbishment of Queensland Theatre’s Bille Brown Studio, the Centre of Contemporary Arts Cairns and the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.
  • $2 million to support initial planning for the relocation of the Rockhampton Art Gallery.
    Boosting core funding for the small to medium arts and cultural organisations by $2.3 million over four years ($30.55m total) to increase the number of organisations supported from 35 to 39 across the state.
    $11.8 million (including $5.1m of new money) to create the Queensland Arts Showcase Program, a contestable funding program that has supported more than 180 projects throughout the state across theatre, circus, dance, visual arts, music and creative writing since launching in late 2015.
    Reinstated funding to the Queensland Literary Awards with an annual ongoing funding commitment of $205,000, including the creation of new awards.   + more page 122



Shane Knuth KAP (Hill)




The arts play an important role in cultural life for communities all across the State. As a Party that is focused on regional Queensland the KAP understand and appreciate the contribution organisations such as Arts Nexus make to communities that are far away from the galleries and exhibitions people typically think of when they think of “the Arts”.

Art enables people to tell a story, and there are many stories to be told in regional Queensland. We are very proud of our heritage and lifestyles and that’s reflected in the unique art that’s produced up here.

The KAP is particularly keen to ensure that Indigenous Art is protected from fakes produced overseas. This is a big issue as indigenous communities lose out both culturally and economically by these rip-offs. Our Federal Leader, Bob Katter, has introduced a Bill into Parliament to ban fake Indigenous art and we’ll continue this fight until it stops.  + here





Andrew Cripps MP (Hincheinbrook)




Arts without boundaries

A Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Government will deliver a new plan for the arts in Queensland that improves pathways for the next generation of artists and content creators, boosts vital infrastructure and makes arts more accessible across the state.  A Tim Nicholls-led LNP Government will invest an additional $9 million into the arts sector.   Key initiatives include:

  • ArtsQ: The LNP will bring Queensland’s arts community together to chart a sustainable path forward for the sector.
  • Regional Arts Infrastructure Fund: A $4 million fund available to regional arts and cultural organisations to improve facilities and boost cultural tourism offerings.
  • Arts Education Fund: A $1.5 million fund available to community-based arts administrators and content creators looking to upskill and increase their professional development. This fund is focused on giving on-the-ground arts workers the skills they need to build their arts organization – whether it’s the local choral society or a regional film studio.
  • Arts Access Fund: A $1.5 million fund to make arts more accessible for the next generation of performers and creators in regional Queensland. This fund is focused on young artists looking to start a career in the arts and giving them a pathway for professional development.
  • Animating Spaces: A $1 million fund to animate and activate forgotten spaces across Queensland with arts and cultural events. This fund not only creates an event for the region but also leaves a lasting legacy.
  • Globe Theatre Trial: The LNP will host a Globe Theatre Trial in Brisbane during the next term of government. Trials of Shakespeare’s famous theatre have literally popped up around the world including in New Zealand and most recently in Melbourne.     + here


Though no sitting member in our region – worth noting their national arts policy

Valuing the arts & our artists

Australia is home to exceptional creative talent across diverse art forms. The Liberal government has decimated the arts sector by slashing arts funding and threatening its independence.

The Greens value the role of arts in our society and will properly fund an independent arts sector and support our artists. A vibrant, diverse and innovative arts sector is at the heart of any thriving society.  Strong creative industries not only enrich our community, they are also a significant and growing contributor to our economy and an important strong source of employment.

Australian artists regularly produce world-renowned works. However, the current Liberal government launched an unprecedented attack on the arts. Former Arts Minister George Brandis cut over a hundred million dollars in funding from the arts and plunged the sector into crisis by ripping money out of the respected and independent Australia Council of the Arts and pouring it into a body controlled by the Minister.

This has threatened the very independence of publicly funded arts and increased the administrative burden for artists and art organisations seeking public funding.

The Greens have a strong commitment to supporting and promoting an independent and thriving Australian arts sector through increased levels of public funding, returning funding from the Arts Department to the independent Australia Council and supporting targeted programs and incentives to enable the arts to grow.  + here to view their plan