PODCASTS playlist

Recorded and produced at the Arts Nexus Studio, Babinda, Queensland, Australia

Sharing our stories through podcasts, publication and online profiles, promoting the Creatives of our region to connect with others, cultural exchanges and increase employment opportunities.

ARTS NEXUS STUDIO is a “easy tech – high res” studio that is designed for the beginner through to the most experienced story teller / podcaster / live streamer – audio and visual.

All podcast episodes of content produced, are uploaded for public release via internet.

Established in 2019, the Arts Nexus Studio is a community-access digital recording studio a digital recording, regional hub, with support and production to enable stories to be generated and broadcast to a global audience.

Previously, we have been gathering stories for the past six years and now with recently upgraded equipment, the stories will be released in partnership with Radio 4EB via their DAB+ platform Global Digital and broadcast across podcast sites like GooglePlay and Spotify. Arts Nexus is working collaboratively with 4EB Radio (Brisbane) and The Wire national news room for Community Radio Network, to achieve a state-wide, regional reach.  This provides the national network a genuine footprint in Far North Queensland. This is a first of its kind in the region, with unique stories being told from creatives, writers, performers, historians, full of history, intrigue, and colourful regional characters.


Since 2018 Arts Nexus has been capturing creative conversations with Creatives, Culture and Creative Industry practitioners.