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Arts Queensland

Funding to support artists, arts and cultural workers and organisations is available through Arts Queensland and via many other sources including other government agencies, not-for-profit organisations, philanthropic foundations and online through crowd sourcing sites.  + more

Arts Queensland’s blog – aqblog

Australian Council Grants

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government’s arts funding and advisory body.

Our focus is on increasing the visibility of Australia’s vibrant arts and culture, and recognising the evolving way that Australians make and experience art.  Our role is to support the unimagined along with the re-imagined, the unknown and experimental along with the keenly anticipated.  We are a champion for Australian arts both here and overseas. We invest in artistic excellence through support for all facets of the creative process, and are committed to the arts being accessible to all Australians.  + more

Creative Partnerships Australia – Plus1

Through Plus1, Creative Partnerships will match dollar for dollar up to $50,000 in funds raised by artists and not for profit (NFP) arts organisations for approved projects that build their development capacity and meet defined criteria. For further information and to apply go to + more

Regional Arts Fund

RAF is an Australian Government initiative that supports sustainable, community-based cultural development in regional, remote and isolated areas of Australia.  + more