The Business of Arts


Arts Nexus’s Regional Arts & Cultural Coordinators regularly conduct informative workshops across the Tablelands and Cassowary Coast on how to be a sustainable in the arts industry with a specific focus on learning the skills of funding fundamentals.

We achieved our objectives by providing and implementing a successful Art Nexus workshop that taught skills through industry experience to regional artists that have limited opportunities to attend a workshop like this at a discounted rate.

These workshops are suitable for hobby or professional artists who want to manage their own arts practice, exhibit works, market, promote, network and collaborate. Also covered will be all stages of funding applications, including researching, writing, acquitting and general advice and tips.

A highlight for the Arts Nexus team is spending time with like-minded people and creating new networks in regional communities.

Sponsored by Tablelands & Cassowary Coast Regional Councils. Strategic Planning and facilitation of 8 successful work shops in Tablelands & Cassowary Region with Regional Arts Nexus Arts & Cultural Coordinators from Cooktown, Cassowary & Tablelands. Providing professional development for creative industries and communities and assisting with sustainability in the arts.