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is the peak development agency for the creative sectors and communities of Tropical North Queensland. Through strategic programs, research and advocacy we grow and raise awareness of our region’s arts and cultural development.

Arts Nexus connects artists, creative producers, organisations, enterprises and communities. Our knowledge of the region and networks makes us an effective conduit for communities, governments and industries.



To enable arts and creative industries by facilitating strategic, sustainable development across Far North Queensland.

As the name of the organisation implies, we facilitate a “nexus” of extensive networks and professional alliances that have been forged across art forms, other stakeholder agencies and the region by improving coordination and value-adding to existing programs and services.

Arts Nexus is well placed to facilitate and support community-run projects and programs outside the boundaries of most organisational charters. As a significant organisation, it can improve regional capacity by communicating and collaborating with all cultural arts groups and government and community entities to strategically map a vision for the future that enhances the regions creative and economic viability.


  1. Advocacy

Arts Nexus lobbies all levels of government and industry on issues and priorities for the region’s creative sector. The organisation promotes regional artists and their work.

  1. Sector Development

Arts Nexus supports people and their groups to make projects happen and to develop markets across all art forms when opportunities emerge and capacity grows.

  1. Community Participation

Arts Nexus promotes the endeavours of people and their groups to contribute to the region’s dynamic culture through audience development.

  1. Organisational Sustainability

Arts Nexus operates with an emphasis on membership, governance and transparency. Arts Nexus will have meaningful partnerships across communities, governments and industry.


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