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Growing creative people, communities and industries


To facilitate and enable the strategic, sustainable development of all Arts, Culture, Heritage and Creative Industries across Far North Queensland.

As the name of the organisation implies, we facilitate a “nexus” of extensive networks and professional alliances that have been forged across art forms, other stakeholder agencies and the region by improving coordination and value-adding to existing programs and services.

Arts Nexus is well placed to facilitate and support community-run projects and programs outside the boundaries of most organisational charters.  Our aim is to improve regional capacity by communicating the collaborative voice of all cultural arts groups to government and community entities, to strategically map a vision for the future that enhances the regions creative and economic viability.


Through a number of initiatives and program directions, Arts Nexus has a number of strategies in place to achieve the following;

  • Sustain the role of providing capacity building through mentoring and support to individuals and organisations.
  • Establish a regional role for Arts Nexus to initiate and coordinate partnerships across the region.
  • Strengthen the delivery of services to the cultural community of Far North Qld
  • Lead a strategy to produce a regional event that showcases Arts and Culture
  • Lead a strategy to respond to the region’s need for a Creative Production hub
  • Commit to maintaining research and actioning appropriate new opportunities to raise revenue and maintain an operational reserve as annual arts grant funding support from State and Commonwealth cannot be relied upon as the only source of income.
  • Advocate and ensure that Arts Nexus is recognised by State and National bodies, as the peak cross-sectoral organisation for arts and culture in Far North Queensland

In 2016 the Arts Nexus board achieved a 5 year strategic plan with a detailed action plan and clear objectives.  If you would like to participate in shaping the future of Arts Nexus and be a part of the reviewing of the strategic plan, please email us at admin@artsnexus.com.au

This is a summary of the overall vision and program we would like to achieve in the next few years

Strategies and Objectives ONE PAGE

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report for 2019 yet to be released

If you would like to give further feedback or enquire as to how Arts Nexus can assist you in your arts or creative practice, please email us at admin@artsnexus.com.au