Arts and Wellbeing

Arts health and wellbeing recognises the value of the arts within a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. The two fields are linked, and they share many characteristics. Partnerships between health and cultural disciplines are a natural mix, as each is concerned with wellbeing and change. Ccd processes fit well into arts health and wellbeing programs and projects. This is especially true where community wellbeing is concerned.

Commmunity wellbeing

Community wellbeing could be described as the degree of integration in a community between its economic, socio-cultural, and environmental spheres.

Ccd programs and projects in communities may be focussing on particular aspects of the communities wellbeing, such as the communication of issues important to the community, addressing resourcing issues, providing opportunities for skills development or forums for community planning.

Sustainability is an important focus of work concerned with community wellbeing. Wellbeing is holistic and operates on a continuum; therefore change needs to be seen in a larger context. This is where partnerships are particularly important, as they provide an integrated approach to the work, acknowledging the complexity of community wellbeing.

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World Health Day, celebrated annually on 7 April, provides an opportunity to mobilise action around specific health topics on a global scale. The focus of the 2017 World Health Day is depression.

Nurturing resilience through child-led philanthropy” Radio National interview on Wednesday 16 August 2017 Life Matters hears from kids and adults involved with a project by Kids Thrive, a Melbourne-based NGO that’s helping kids design and drive philanthropic projects in their own community.

Raising social consciousness through verbatim theatre: a realist evaluation
by Wendy Madson. Published 26 July 2017


National Rural Health ConferenceArts&Health program

26 – 29 April, 2017 Cairns Convention Centre

Cairns performers and artists will feature prominently throughout the Conference program. Performances during plenary sessions promise exciting glimpses of the creativity alive in the Cairns community and there will be plenty of interest in the arts and health the concurrent sessions with their focus on close collaboration between arts and health practitioners as a key element in building wellbeing and health for all Australians.

Thursday 11am Alicia Michalanney Yuwa – art for welcoming and way-finding.  WA Country Health Service
Thursday 11.25am Velvet Eldred Evolution of Belief – what happens when a community truly believes in engaged inclusive community.
Thursday 11.50am Avril Duck Theatre making for social change – community cultural development in a theatre context
Thursday 12.15pm Shelley Pisani and Dianne Wills Theatre to engage audiences on social issues that create vehicles for conversation.  Creative Regions
Thursday 3.30pm Nicholas Schubert Check Today, See Tomorrow: national Indigenous diabetes-related eye health promotion. Uni. of Melbourne
Thursday 3.55pm Arone Meeks Gender Spirit and the sliding scale of Sexuality – visual arts in remote communities with health messages
Friday 11am Deb Suckling, Roz Pappalardo, Jacqui Soldiers Wife – A performance and tour collaboration wives of those who have served in military conflict
Friday 11.25am Andrea Rieniets Andrea Lemon Kids Thrive – Use arts for 0-12 year olds to lead change in the local communities
Friday 11.50am Joy Harrison Hunter New England Health – Partnerships making a difference
Friday 12.15pm Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup Uncle Jimmy Thumbs Up and Good Tucker by Jimmy Little Foundation
Friday 4.00pm Lee Martinez Music is a healer, a gatherer, a means of expression, a mode of storytelling, a way to build bridges, a way to preserve and make memories as well as so much more. Uni of Adel.
Friday 4.25pm Jillibilu, Kara Ross, Kelli Craig and Jenny Sader Blackrobats – Social inclusive, Indigenous community circus
Friday 4.50pm Nazaree Dickerson, Karen Ingram Wellness dreaming: focusing on what is strong; not what is wrong
Friday 5.15pm Louise Campbell Michelle Reay and Kristy McGregor Red Ridge – Challenge the idea of preventative health care using the arts
Saturday 11am Prof. Janie Smith A remote health story – Rob and Stella Live in Nabvana.  Bond University
Saturday 11.25am Jenuarrie, President Arts Nexus – Community Cultural development across Far North Qld with a health focus
Saturday 11.50am Suellen Maunder and Mark Sheppard JUTE – Indigenous theatre production Proppa Solid
Saturday 12.15pm Sandi Taylor Valuing social and emotional wellbeing