Arts Nexus has been supporting Arts, Culture and Creative Industries in Far North Queensland since 1995.

A member based, for-purpose, non-government organisation, Arts Nexus board and team value the input of our members, community partners, program participants and stakeholders.

Arts Nexus is committed to supporting the sustainable and collaborative development of arts and a culturally creative community through valuing:

  • Diversity – diversity of arts practice; the range of ways in which artists make work; the range of ways in which people experience the arts; and the increasing cultural diversity of our society.
  • Transparency – open and inclusive communication with all stakeholders.
  • Integrity – supporting creativity, industry innovation, excellence, and best practice.
  • Progressiveness – significant contribution to active life-long learning via creative expression.
  • Inclusiveness – collective sense of belonging and given supportive energy and commitment.
  • Collaboration – active engagement in sustainable social and cultural enterprise.
  • Supportiveness – encouraging regional culturally creative self-determination.


Please provide your feedback to ensure our organisation can continue to respond to the needs of the creative community of our region.

We ask that you consider the following when providing your feedback.

  1. That you provide context for your involvement with Arts Nexus so we can understand your point of view. Are you a financial member, long-term program participant, first time engagement, etc
  2. Is this the first experience you have had with Arts Nexus? If not, how long and in what capacity have you known us and our program?
  3. Could your experience with Arts Nexus, have been enhanced? If so, please provide ideas on how this could have been improved.
  4. What would you like to have happen now?

EMAIL your feedback to

You will receive an email reply and follow-up, if required.

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with valuable feedback and information to ensure our program is responsive and appropriate.