Be What You Can See

Feeling proud of where you live, your community, family and having hope for the future, can make all the difference.  Whether still at school, heading off for your first job or just surviving day to day, where you get support and inspiration from can make all of the difference.

In this series of podcasts we get to hear stories of pride, hope and aspiration.  People that have made a difference in the lives, stories of bravery, dreams coming true and what a sense of community looks like. 

Cairns Safer Streets is a multi-agency, co-located group of State Government representatives delivering innovative projects through community and whole-of-government partnerships.  We have developed a place-based approach in Cairns West which enables the development and implementation of innovative strategies to address underlying causal factors of complex social issues.

Arts Nexus Studio is a community-access, digital recording studio dedicated to creative conversations, community storytelling, podcasts, oral histories and truth telling.

Partnership with Cairns Safer Streets, Arts Nexus Studio and the Cairns Tropical Writers Festival

Be What You See EPISODES